Sieving Pliers – genuine and full-bodied tea taste

Sieving Pliers

Sieving Pliers: Practical tea accessories for loose tea

The sieving pliers are easy to handle

Delicious teas can easily be prepared without tea bags using the sieve tongs. The models consist of a fine tea egg that is attached directly to a pair of tongs. In most cases it cannot be removed. Most sieve tongs are made exclusively of high-quality stainless steel, some also have comfortable silicone handles or similar extras. By releasing the mechanism you open the egg with light pressure over the sieve tongs. Now you can put loose tea or spices according to your taste in one half of the ice. Afterwards you only have to close the tea egg and dip it into a tea cup or a tea glass full of hot water. Later, the contents can be carefully knocked out of the container of the sieve tongs. The sieve tongs are less suitable for teapots because the handpiece could be immersed in hot water. This is why the sieve tongs are particularly suitable for tea drinkers who only want to treat themselves to an occasional cup of tea.

The sifting pliers open up the full-bodied world of high-quality teas to you

Not every sifter has the classic ball into which you put loose tea. There are also some alternative shapes and designs that have a completely different effect when viewed. However, each sifter shares the characteristic that it releases the flavours of loose tea into the hot water via fine or narrow meshes. A wide variety of teas is waiting for you, which you can prepare with the help of a sieve tongs: Enjoy homemade melissa tea, fasting tea, chai tea, jasmine tea, camomile tea, herbal tea or one of the many other popular varieties.

Pure tea enjoyment? With the sieving pliers it is possible to

The sieve tongs allow you a great deal of design freedom in the composition of your tea, as you can adjust your own mixture to your taste instead of having finished tea blends in a tea bag. The trade also offers you loose tea as a ready-made blend in a bag, but you can also put together the contents of your tea caddy yourself. Instead of dried herbs, fresh leaves, chopped ginger or other fresh ingredients can be added to the filter. You don’t have to worry about BPA in your sieve forceps: The models are plastic-free and reusable. A sieve forceps can accompany you and your tea set for a lifetime with good care. The sifting pliers are also an excellent gift for tea lovers. Review
Sieving Pliers